Six Nations Camp 2017

The Six Nations Camp is an international youth sports meeting of all Marburg partner cities, slated to take place again this year from July 12th to 19th, 2017 after the huge success of the previous events in 2013 and 2015.
Over 300 youngsters between the ages 11 and 14 from Marburg and its partner cities are expected to attend the Six Nations Camp 2017 event.
  Through sports and physical activities, they will have the opportunity to get to know other young people of their own age with other cultural backgrounds.


As in the previous years, there will be competitions in football, basketball, beach volleyball and swimming. Additional sport activities are also being planned. The Sports Park Georg-Gaßmann-Stadium provides the young people a colorful variety in sports facilities for active participation in the sports and games.
Besides the sports aspect of the youth meeting, numerous leisure activities form an attractive accompanying program scheduled for the entire week that the young people will be spending together. The main focus of the Six Nations Camp, now being held for the third time, remains to be for the young sports people to get acquainted with different religions, customs and cultures, to make new international friendships and to have lots of fun!


Other than holding sports and athletic contests, this project promotes not only the coming together of different cities and cultures, but also unites young people from very different social backgrounds with different social conditions. Getting to know each other in this very special way thus contributes to a fair interaction and helps in unifying nations.


This project is an occasion to invite all partner cities to Marburg and to give their youth an opportunity for cultural exchange, networking and lifelong friendships.
We hope that the contact between all the different young people will persist through long-lasting friendships and thus further sustain the partnership work already existing among the six cities.


The project promotes not only equal opportunities among the diverse participants but also the integration and willingness to engage in intercultural dialogue. We want to offer this unique opportunity to the young people and to enable them to acquire the competence and experiences that will accompany them in their future lives.
We look forward to seeing everyone from our partner cities again and to spending a nice week together!