Day 2


In the morning after the first night the sun was laughing above our heads. A tremendous run on the big breakfast buffet started to take some refreshments for a long day. Follwing all nations gathered next to the main pitch. Despite of the big number of people everything worked without any problems. After walking behind the nation’s flag with the national anthem sounding out oft he stadiums stereo system and assembling on the pitch Mr Backes and city councilwoman Ms Dinnebier opened the Six Nations Camp, a „small olympic village“, officially. A number of Local VIPs attended the event. A lot of pictures were taken from our guests and the local press. Then the kids carried the flags to the masts so they could ran it up. After a little break one after antoher the group was accompanied to the old town city to get known tot he historic part of Marburg. In the afternoon the groups came back and liked to use the free time exercising oder sitting together. After the lunch the day ended with a loud karaoke.




Day 1




At the beginning of the event, the Six Nations Camp organisers were looking forward to the arrival of the participating guests. After a long period of preparation, all employees felt a certain tension. This was finally released when the time came: A first group from Sibiu (Romania) made the start. After a smooth check-in, the group moved into their quarters in the hall of the commercial schools and settled in. Shortly afterwards a small group from our German twin town Eisenach reached us. Then it took a while until the next guests arrived. This waiting period was bridged by the organizers in a good mood. During the arrival of other sports teams from Sibiu and the delegation from Maribor (Slovenia), the grill was already running at full speed and the hungry guests were able to satisfy their hunger with all kinds of delicacies and make contact for the first time after a long journey. Meanwhile, our friends from Sfax, Tunisia, who were picked up by two employees at the airport, went through check-in and were transferred by bus to Marburg, where they were greeted with T-shirts and surprise bags with small presents - as were all the other groups. After lunch there was a lot of exercise among the guests. Many children borrowed sports equipment and took advantage of the many activities on offer in the sports park or explored the extensive grounds.



On Thursday morning the official opening ceremony of the second Six Nations Cup took place in the Georg-Gaßmann-Stadium.

The event started with the speech of the head of the sports department Björn Backes. He welcomed all guests, nations and sponsors. The teams of the twinned towns of Marburg, Poitiers, Sibiu and Maribor, as well as the clubs of Marburg came in the Georg-Gaßmann-Stadium accompanied with their national anthems.

During the greeting and the official opening ceremony of the Six Nations Cup, by the mayor Dr. Franz Kahle, the national flags were set up.

In the afternoon the athletes had the possibility to explore the old city center of Marburg and the castle on a guided city-tour. Therefor the participants were divided in English and French speaking groups. They visited a lot of striking sights all over the City.

29.07.2015 20:30

Finally we welcome our guests from Poitiers!

At about 8:30 p.m. all teams were complete. Immediately the next item on the program started: The presentation of the twinned towns. After the presentations of the organizers and the advisors, the foreign teams had 10 minutes time to present themselves.

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Welcome Sibiu!

At about 7 p.m. we welcomed the teams from Sibiu. They were coming with two buses. In the meantime we got the message that our guests from Poitiers will come later as they’ve planned. During this time our chefs of barbeque had to work hard to handle the big amount of hungry kids from Sibiu. Step by step the girls and boys from the teams of Marburg arrived.

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Afterwards the athletes got a first impression of the varied training-possibilities at the

Georg-Gaßmann-Stadium. After the long journey they were really hungry. The

chefs of barbeque started immediately to prepare the sausages and steaks.

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Welcome to the team from Maribor!

Earlier as we have expected, we welcomed our guests from Maribor at the Georg-Gaßmann-Stadium. After the teens moved in their dorms, every participant received a

welcome-bag with important information about the Six Nations Cup 2015.