Twin Cities

The university city of Marburg has national and international relations to six different twin cities. The Six Nations Cup is intended to promote these relationships and maintain them in future by being repeated at regular intervals.

There has been a twin arrangement with the French city of Poitiers since 1961. This twinning was a result of relations between the universities in the two towns. The Slovenian city of Maribor (AKA Marburg on the Drau) became our twin in 1969, and Sfax in Tunisia in 1971. The document making the then East German city of Eisenach in Thuringia a twin was signed in 1988. At the time, the intention was to set an example of international understanding and overcome the partition of Germany, as well as to show that the life of St. Elisabeth is a common link between the two cities.

The twin relationship to Northampton in England grew from the partnership of both cities with the French city of Poitiers and made them twins in 1992. The last twin city to join was Sibiu/Hermannstadt in Romania in 2005, since there had already been a large number of contacts at the university, school, church and cultural levels.


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